Hello! I want show you my new reel, with new works which I've been working on for the past few years. It was immersion in process, with early morning, and throughout the long nights.
I worked with my friends-collegue in collaboration we create ideas. This is graphic for clients, and for my personal projects. In movie I collect works which seemed to me the most interesting, it is graphic for magazines, web-sites and movies. I like illustrative aesthetics, I explore motion graphics and try look on the illustration and graphics through prism movement, and of this form interesting alchemy with new compositions and shapes, same I became to give volume, because you can see 2d and 3d works
0:00 — Imagination sea (Personal project)
0:04 — Rosnano district
0:07 — Space Island (Personal project)
0:10 — Plan 
0:14 — European carsharing 
0:17 — Involvement 
0:20 — SOMN platform
0:23 — Imagination sea (Personal project)
0:25 — Smart future city
0:31 — payWave (Personal project)
0:34 – Mountain
0:36 — Krasnoyarsk guide
0:39 — Outro
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